Special Elections Update - March 6th 2017

In the past few days, multiple special elections have been given election dates. This will now allow us to track and update when candidates qualify and Ready2Vote can promote out any and all Democratic candidates. 

To start off Montana's special election for their At-Large congressional seat that was vacated when Ryan Zinke became Secretary of the Interior has been scheduled for May 25th, 2017. Democrats have nominated musician Rob Quist to run for this U.S. House seat. This seat went 35.94% (D) - 56.47% (R) in the 2016 presidential elections (pres-by-cd) but with the current "trumpocalypse" happening we could see some tightening here. The race between Ryan Zinke and Democrat Denise Juneau was tighter than the presidential numbers at 56.2% (R) - 40.5% (D).  This one will require all hands on deck to help Rob Quist. Click to donation and volunteer.

There are three Louisiana state special elections on March 25th, 2017 but only one has a democrat running. This is a huge disappointment as one of the open seats was previously held by a Democrat and now will automatically flip to Republican since no Dems are running. Louisiana House of Representatives District 92 has Democrat Chuck Toney running against  Gisela Chevalier (R), and Joe Stagni (R).

New York Governor has scheduled two special elections for May 23rd, 2017, State Senate District 30 and State Assembly District 9. State Senate District 30 was previously held by Democrat Bill Perkins this should be an easy hold as this district went 95.32% (D) - 3.84% (R) in the 2012 presidential elections (pres-by-sd). On the other hand, State Assembly District 9 looks to be a pickup opportunity, Republican Joseph Saladino vacated the seat when he was appointed town supervisor of Oyster Bay, New York. This district went 43.39% (D) - 55.49% (R) in the 2012 presidential elections (pres-by-hd) this should be a prime target for Democrats in New York.

Tennessee officials have finally set a date for House of Representatives District 95 following the resignation of Republican Mark Lovell who was being investigated for violating the legislative sexual harassment policy. This seat will hold a primary election on April 27, 2017, and the general election on June 15th, 2017. Numbers wise (23.35% (D) - 75.79% (R) during 2012 presidential election (pres-by-hd)) this district is a longshot for Democrats but with Mark Lovell resigning from a scandal there might be an opening here. Either way, Democrats need to run a candidate and fight for every vote.