Can Jacob Rosecrants Deliver Another Win for Democrats in Oklahoma?

Written by: Michael Straw
Edited by: Annie Phan

Oklahoma Democrats have the wind at their back. Last month, they won Oklahoma's 44th State Senate seat and Oklahoma’s 75th State House seat with decisive margins. Both Democrat victors, Senator-Elect Brooks-Jimenez and Representative-elect Gaddis centered their platforms on Oklahoma’s growing education crisis.

Continuing with the platform theme, Democrats rally behind Jacob Rosecrants, an educator and contender for House District 46.

A native Oklahoman, Rosecrants currently teaches at Roosevelt Middle school and has spent the past years advocating for better public education. Rosecrants faces Republican Darin Chambers, a former naval officer, and entrepreneur.

There are stark differences between the candidates. While Rosecrants has four main platform points - education reform, new strategies to address Oklahoma’s budget shortfall, criminal justice reform, and fighting ALEC/corporate influence over Oklahoma’s state legislature. On the other side, Chambers’ platform has three points that literally mean NOTHING, calling for vague entreaties like “responsible leadership,” “right motivations,” and “reasonable actions,” without addressing a single issue facing Oklahoma at this present time.

When Ready2Vote reached out to Rosecrants’ campaign, a spokesperson expressed Rosecrants’ motivation for running in this special election:

“Jacob is running because he’s tired of being a teacher that gets ignored. Legislators don’t really care about what’s going on in our schools and the proof is all over. They make cuts to lunch and after school programs and at times it feels like they’d just rather everyone go away.”

Rosecrants and Chambers are running to represent Oklahoma’s 46th State House district. The district is open since former State Rep. Scott Martin (R) resigned to head up Norman’s Chamber of Commerce. For once, a seat in Oklahoma isn’t open due to sexual harassment or illegal activities with minors.

Last year, the district voted for President Trump (R) 51.65% to Hillary Clinton’s (D) 41.33%. This is a significant downward shift for Republicans since 2012 when Mitt Romney (R) won the seat 59.73% to President Obama’s 40.27%. Compared to Oklahoma’s 75th State House district, a seat picked up by Democrats last month and went 58-36 for Trump, the shift in HD-46 bodes well for Rosecrants.

Jacob Rosecrants is the perfect candidate to fight for the educational needs of all Oklahomans. Democrats CAN win this special election on September 12th. Send him $5 to help continue the Democratic momentum in Oklahoma and help Team Blue retake the Plains!

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