Democrats Retake Momentum After Two Special Election Victories


Written By: Michael Straw
Edited By: Josh Broder

Democrats across America should be rejoicing after a string of major special election victories tonight in New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and a runoff advancement in Mississippi. In New Hampshire, Democrat Charlie St. Clair defeated Republican Steven Whalley 1,267-1009, 56%-44%, in Belknap 9 State House district. In 2016 this district went for President Trump by a 55.61% - 39.17% margin. Making it a huge victory for New Hampshire Democrats as they gained another seat in the State House of Representatives after an earlier pickup in 2017 in the Carroll 6 District State House seat.

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Democrat Jacob Rosecrants in Oklahoma House of Representative District 46 special election stunned Oklahoma’s dominate Republican Party with a 3rd special election defeat. Rosecrants won 3,176 - 2,081, 60.4% - 39.6%, this is a complete reversal of his 2014 loss. Rosecrants did this despite the fact that President Trump won this Norman based seat 51.65% - 41.33% last November. The Oklahoma House of Representatives is almost back to its pre-2016 composition with Democrats now controlling 28 seats to the Republicans 73. With this major win, Democrats in Oklahoma will now have won six out of the last seven state special elections since 2015, including two in July of this year. The Republicans will now need Democratic votes during the special session to raise taxes, bringing the Democratic party to the bargaining table.

Finally, in Mississippi’s 102nd State House seat, Kathryn Rehner advanced into a runoff election after competing with three other GOP challengers for a spot. President Trump barely won this seat in 2016, by less than a percentage point, making it a ripe target that the DLCC couldn’t refuse. If Kathryn Rehner wins this seat in the ensuing runoff election the Mississippi Republican Party will LOSE their supermajority in the State House of Representatives.

These victories may be huge for the Democratic Party in rebuilding our presence in state-level politics and in rural America we cannot lose sight of other elections to come. Currently, on Sept. 26th there are four special elections up for grabs, one will be in Florida’s 40th State Senate District, this is a seat that Hillary Clinton won by a large margin, 57.64% - 39.78%, yet the Florida GOP managed to capture the seat. We need to help our Democratic candidate Annette Taddeo and continue our momentum from tonight’s wins. Celebrate this momentous victory for the Democratic Party by sending Annette Taddeo $5 and help her pick up Florida Senate Seat 40!

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